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A. Administrative Subjects / 06. FIDE Congress Regulations / Zonal Council Internal Rules /

Zonal Council Internal Rules

Zonal Council Internal Rules

1.       Zonal Council as a FIDE Organ

The Zonal Council is an organ of FIDE acting as advisory council to the General Assembly and other FIDE organs subject to the FIDE Charter effective from 01.03.2020 and to these Internal Rules (hereinafter – the “Rules”).

2.       Composition of the Zonal Council

2.1     The Zonal Council is composed of the Presidents of FIDE Continents and of the Zonal Presidents.

2.2     Within the interim period from approval of the Charter (01.03.2020) the Executive Board members (as defined subject to the FIDE Statutes that applied before 01.03.2020) will be deemed to be members of the Zonal Council until expiration of their mandate at the elections in 2022.

3.       Functions of the Zonal Council

3.1     Delivering advisory opinions on FIDE financial support to FIDE Continents and Zones.

3.2     Coordinating organisation of Zonal tournaments and events.

3.3     Coordinating organisation of initiatives of common interest of different Zones.

3.4     Delivering advisory opinions on the FIDE calendar.

3.5     Cooperating in terms of development and promotion of chess activities in Member Federations that are in need of technical, financial and chess skills assistance.

3.6     Deciding on issues directly assigned to it by the General Assembly

3.7     Hearing appeals against decisions of Zonal Presidents (if submitted to the Zonal Council).

3.8     Reviewing and deciding on other issues whether legal, economic, social or other in nature, which are strongly related to common interests of all FIDE Continents and/or Zones or in their major part.

4.       Sessions of the Zonal Council

4.1     Regular sessions of the Zonal Council shall be held annually within the schedule of the FIDE Congress. All and any organizational/ administrative issues regarding venue, financing, accommodation shall be subject to the FIDE Congress Regulations.

4.2     Irregular sessions of the Zonal Council may only be called by the President or the FIDE Council.

Irregular sessions shall be either arranged online (by video- or teleconference).

The motions, votes and decisions can be executed via email from certified addresses.

4.3     The agenda for the Zonal Council sessions shall be formed by the FIDE President. The FIDE Council or at least five Zonal Council members may propose additional items.

Any proposal to be included into the agenda shall be in a form of a draft resolution with an explanation note if required and shall be submitted with copies of all documents that are directly related to the item discussed and to the proposed resolution. Should the author (s) of the proposal need to voice it, the expected time of oral presentation should be specified.

Proposals with all relevant documents shall be sent to the FIDE secretariat at least two weeks before the Zonal Council session.

4.4     The FIDE secretariat shall be responsible for sending the agenda and materials for the Zonal Council sessions to all participants in advance no later than one month before the session. The FIDE secretariat shall be responsible for sending additional materials for the Zonal Council sessions to all participants after this date if such materials are needed for better discussion.

4.5     Zonal Council members are responsible for providing up-to-date information to the FIDE secretariat regarding their e-mail addresses which shall be used for calls for Zonal Council sessions and sending agenda/materials.

4.6     The Zonal Council is chaired by the FIDE President who has no voting rights. However, only the President is entitled:

a) to determine the schedule of Zonal Council sessions taking into consideration the agenda, transport accessibility (for regular sessions) and any other information he considers relevant;

4.7     All resolutions of the Zonal Council shall require a quorum of at least 50 % of its members and shall be approved by simple majority of votes calculated upon an open voting. Resolutions may also be voted by acclamation. The FIDE Secretariat members are assisted in calculating the votes if needed.

Registration of a member of the Zonal Council in the FIDE Secretariat on the day of the meeting is considered sufficient proof of his presence. There is no additional roll-call.

4.8     Electronic voting system may be used for certain Zonal Council session if this system is approved by the FIDE Council upon suggestion of the FIDE President.

4.9     With reference to Zonal Council sessions held on line, the following additional rules apply mutatis mutandis

a) a reliable, well-known system shall be used (Skype, Zoom, etc.) upon approval of  the FIDE President;

b) each session participant shall be solely responsible for his technical equipment and web connection.

4.10   Minutes of the Zonal Council sessions must be published not later than 8 weeks after session.

5.       Appeals against Zonal Council decisions / resolutions

Resolutions of a Zonal Council may be appealed against to the General Assembly unless otherwise provided in these rules or in the FIDE Charter.