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01. Boycotts



Approved by the 1979 Congress. Amended by the 1994 Congress.

Moral principles of FIDE for non-FIDE chess competitions.


The organizers and the players must be guided by the highest principles of the FIDE Statues:

  1. FIDE is concerned exclusively with chess activities.
  2. FIDE rejects discriminatory treatment for national, political, racial, social or religious reasons or on account of sex.
  3. FIDE observes a strict neutrality in the internal affairs of the national chess federations.

In accord with its Statutes, FIDE reaffirms its commitment to the right to play chess and opposes all organized actions that would hinder that right.


It is understood that:

  1. An organizer of a chess competition has the right to invite any chess player he chooses. Once an invitation has been issued and accepted, it must not be withdrawn.
  2. Each player accepts an invitation only on his own free will but in strict accordance with the statutes and resolutions accepted by FIDE.