FIDE Handbook D. Regulations for Specific Competitions / 04. Other FIDE Competitions / 01. General Regulations for FIDE Competitions / General Regulations for FIDE Competitions (effective from 1 December 2023) /
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FIDE Handbook
D. Regulations for Specific Competitions / 04. Other FIDE Competitions / 01. General Regulations for FIDE Competitions / General Regulations for FIDE Competitions (effective from 1 December 2023) /

General Regulations for FIDE Competitions (effective from 1 December 2023)


Approved by FIDE Council on 22/11/2023

Applied from 01/12/2023


1.       Scope

These regulations apply to all tournaments under the aegis of the Events Commission (EVE) (see Article 2).

2.       Bid Deadlines, Inspections & Fees

2.1     Organisers for all below competitions shall be appointed at least one year before the competition is to be held.

2.2     The following fees shall be observed:



Bid Fee


Deposit Fee (Euros)


FIDE World Youth Chess Championships (U8, U10, U12)


30 000


FIDE World Youth Chess Championships (U14, U16, U18)


30 000


FIDE World Junior Chess Championships (U20)   


10 000


FIDE World School Chess Championships (U7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17)


15 000


FIDE World Cup (U8, 10, 12)


10 000



FIDE World Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships (U8 – 18)


10 000


FIDE World Junior Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships (U20)


10 000



FIDE World Schools Team Championships (even years)


10 000


FIDE World Youth U16 Olympiad (odd years)


10 000



FIDE World Senior Chess Championships (50+, 65+ Individual)


10 000


FIDE World Senior Team Chess Championships (50+, 65+)


10 000



FIDE World Amateur Chess Championships (Individual)


10 000


FIDE World Amateur Team Chess Championships


10 000



FIDE World Disabled Chess Championships



2.3     The bid procedure for the next 4 years will have the following timelines:





Bids Deadline



Announcement of Winners


Deposit Fee Payment Due



1st December, 2023

1st February, 2024

1st June, 2024

15th July, 2024

15th August, 2024


1st June, 2024

1st August, 2024

1st December, 2024

15th January, 2025

15th February, 2025


1st June, 2025

1st August, 2025

1st December, 2025

15th January, 2026

15th February, 2026


1st June, 2026

1st August, 2026

1st December, 2026

15th January, 2027

15th February, 2027

2.4     Any Bid must include the name of licensed International Organiser and representative of the national federation.

2.5     If FIDE does not receive the bid fee by the bid deadline, such bids shall not be considered. All bids must be sent only between bids announcement and bids deadline period.

2.6     EVE shall report on the bids for FIDE Council. FIDE Council will decide which bids are accepted, and reserves the right to award a competition to none of the bidders.

2.7     If EVE did not receive a bid for some competitions by the bid deadline, FIDE Council is entitled to award any federation that expresses an interest in organising the competition. In this case, the Federation will still need to pay the deposit fees. If there is neither a bid nor interest to organise a competition, EVE and FIDE Council shall decide how to proceed with the tournament.

2.8     If a bid does not satisfy the minimum requirements set by FIDE, the Council shall authorize EVE to announce a new bidding procedure or to conduct direct negotiations with the interested parties to co-organize the event under direct FIDE management.

2.9    Upon being awarded the rights to a competition, the organising Federation shall pay deposit fees within one month of being awarded the competition. If the deposit fee is not paid, the organiser may lose the right to organise the awarded competition. EVE shall report and advise FIDE Council. FIDE Council is entitled to make further decisions about the competition.

2.10   When the competition has been successfully concluded, the deposit fee shall be credited to the account of the organising Federation or refunded. See also Article 8.2.

2.11   If the organising Federation cancels or fails to organise the awarded event, FIDE will retain the deposit fee. In addition, the FIDE Council may consider other sanctions against the organising Federation, including prohibition from organising FIDE competitions for a period of up to 5 years. Recommendations on these further sanctions shall be made by EVE.

2.12   In addition to events listed in article 2, FIDE may organize other events including online championships. Deposit fees for these events shall be approved by FIDE Council based on proposals by the EVE Commission and Treasurer.

2.13   The decision about the bid inspectors shall be made by EVE.

2.14   The cost of inspection visits – international travel shall be covered by FIDE. The bidder shall be responsible for domestic transportation and hosting the inspector in either 4* or 5 * hotel with FB.

2.15   EVE is responsible for submitting an evaluation report to FIDE Council.

2.16   Bid procedure:  


2.17   Bid form and Annex: https://events.fide.com/

2.18   Lunch and Dinner General menu:


2.19   Bid evaluation: https://handbook.fide.com/chapter/D0414

3.       Invitations, Visas, Registration & Registration Fee

3.1     At least 6 months before the start of the competition the organiser shall send the invitation to EVE for approval. The invitation shall be in full compliance with the bid, and include any additional specific regulations for the tournament. After approval, 5 months before the beginning of the competition, the invitation shall be published.

3.2     At least 2 months before the start of the Competition, a participating federation shall submit its final registration of participants. Generally, it is not possible for players to enter directly, bypassing their Federation. But in some cases, including cases when confrontation for any reason between national federation and a player is obvious, individual registrations are allowed after approval of EVE.

3.3     The travelling costs of all participants must be paid either by themselves or by their national federations.

3.4     All players shall stay in the official hotels offered by the organiser unless the specific regulations of the tournament prescribe otherwise.

3.5     The Organising Committee shall endeavour to facilitate participants who may require visa.

3.6     If the participant federation fails to meet the deadline, the organiser shall not be responsible for late submission and application for visas.

3.7     The organiser shall not be responsible for improper submission of documents for visas.

3.8     All players and accompanying people, including coaches, captains, head of delegations may be required to pay a Registration Fee to the organiser. This shall be not more than 120 Euros per person, and shall include the cost for airport transfers (the same city where the tournament is organized), accreditation, and participation certificates.

3.9     Registration fees for the late registration, withdrawal or no show shall be charged as follow:

3.9.1      Late registration after the registration deadline – the Registration fee (see Article 3.8) will double. The organiser is not required to accept registrations made after the deadline. After the late registration no invited/personal right players shall be accepted with FB accommodation. The mentioned participants will be considered as additional players.

3.9.2      Withdrawal after submission of registration (30 to 60 days before the start of the competition) – 75% refund of the person’s total fees paid to the organiser.

3.9.3      Withdrawal after submission of registration (15 to 30 days before the start of the competition) – 50% refund of the person’s total fees paid to the organiser.

3.9.4      Withdrawal after submission of registration (1 to 15 days before the start of the competition) – 25% refund of the person’s total fees paid to the organiser.

3.9.5      Withdrawal after the pairings for Round 1 are published – no refund.

3.9.6      FIDE is entitled to coordinate the refund process in case of extraordinary situations (pandemics, wars, natural disasters and and similar significant reasons), when it concerns large number of registered people - at least 1/10 or minimum 50 registered participants, including accompanying people or affects one national federation that cannot participate for reasons that FIDE will confirm as valid. In this case, FIDE approves the final refund amount for all such players, and this amount is mandatory for the organizer. The organizer has the right to submit its arguments on this issue to FIDE before making a final decision.

3.10   If a person withdraws under the provisions of Articles 3.9.2 – 3.9.4, and the Federation is able to replace the person to take their room allocation, then the replacement will need to pay the registration fee (see Article 3.8), and it will not be treated as  withdrawal.

3.11   If any FIDE federation is expected to miss the registration deadline for reasons/circumstances beyond their control, they shall approach EVE before the registration deadline. EVE shall investigate the case, and attempt to work with the organiser to find a solution.

4.       FIDE Technical Officials

4.1     The FIDE Principals are:

4.1.1      FIDE President

4.1.2      Technical Delegate

4.1.3      Chairman of the Appeals Committee

4.1.4      Two members of the Appeals Committee

4.1.5      Chief Arbiter

4.1.6      Two Deputy Chief Arbiters

4.1.7      Fair Play Officer

4.2     The FIDE Technical Delegate (FTD) is nominated by EVE, and is the overall observer of an EVE competition. FTD shall have a title of IO. The Technical Delegate shall be responsible for ensuring that the Organising Committee adhere strictly to both these regulations, and the specific regulations of the tournament.

4.3     The FIDE Technical Delegate is nominated by EVE and appointed by the FIDE President.

4.4     The Appeals Committee is nominated by EVE and appointed by the FIDE President. The Appeals Committee Procedural Rules will apply (see Annex).

4.5     The Fair Play Officer is appointed by the Chairperson of Fair Play Commission in consultation with FIDE Managing Director in accordance with the Fair Play Commission Procedural Rules (see Annex).

4.6     The Organiser should provide fair play equipment in accordance with the ACC Protection Measures (see Annex).

4.7     The arbiters will be appointed in accordance with the FIDE Regulations for the Appointment of Arbiters in World Events (see Annex).

5.       Other Applicable Regulations & Documents

5.1     The following FIDE regulations will apply to EVE tournaments (see Annex):

5.1.1      FIDE Laws of Chess

5.1.2      Captains and Heads of Delegation

5.1.3      FIDE Pairing Rules (for individual tournaments played as a Swiss)

5.1.4      Olympiad Pairing Rules (for team tournaments)

5.1.5      Tie-Break Regulations

6.       Communications

6.1     The tournament website that will use a URL provided by the FIDE office in consultation with EVE.

6.2     Official communication from the tournament organising committee to the Federations shall use an official FIDE email address.

7.       Medical

From the duration of a person’s arrival and until their departure, the Organising Committee shall ensure the participants for medical services. The Organising Committee shall not be responsible for medical services needed for treatment of chronic or other illnesses which already existed before the arrival at the tournament.

8.       Reports

8.1     On completion of the tournament, the Chief Arbiter shall deliver their reports to FIDE. The reports shall deal with the course of the tournament and include supporting documents, if appropriate. Copies of these reports are to be extended to the Organising Federation.

8.2     FTD shall submit their report on the overall organisation of the tournament, including any incidents which may have happened. Subject to this report, FIDE shall decide how much of the deposit shall be reimbursed to the Organising Committee.


Annex – FIDE Regulations

Appeals Committee Procedural Rules:


Fair Play Commission Procedural Rules:


ACC Protection Measures:


Regulations for the Appointment of Arbiters in World Events:


FIDE Laws of Chess:


Captains and Heads of Delegation: https://handbook.fide.com/chapter/CaptainsHeadsDelegation

FIDE Events Manual


FIDE Pairing Rules


Olympiad Pairing Rules


Tie-Break Regulations