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B. Permanent Commissions / 08. Regulations for Accreditation in Chess in Education / 8.2 FIDE Chess School Award /

8.2 FIDE Chess School Award

FIDE Chess School Award

The FIDE Chess School Award has a multi-dimensional purpose to enhance the quality and  position of chess in the wider education system. The first objective is to provide recognition  and motivation of existing chess in education activities and programs in schools by a  certification process. The second objective is to serve as a quality assurance tool for the  improved and established standard of educational chess delivery and development to increase  the number of students in the schools’ system. 

The 2021 Global Survey identified thousands of schools which promote chess activities. For  many of these schools, chess is a sign of prestige and used for school promotion. FIDE EDU  recognizes the need for recognition of existing schools as well as the opportunity to encourage  other schools to begin or increase their level of involvement. The FIDE Chess School Award  provides an effective means of achieving both goals.

FIDE EDU will use existing connections with federations and individuals interested in chess in  education to promote the program. In addition, the EDU website, social media, and other  platforms will be used for promotion. 

1.1.    FIDE Chess School Award

The FIDE Chess School Award is a certificate awarded to schools which apply and meet  the criteria. 

1.2.    Categories

Primary and secondary schools (ages 6 to 18) may apply. Award levels include Bronze,  Silver, and Gold. A detailed rubric will be available on the FIDE EDU website. The  selection rubric will cover relevant aspects of school chess to determine the suitable  award level. Examples for the selection criteria may include but are not limited to: chess  used as an educational tool, accessibility to all students, variety of chess activities,  qualifications of chess educators, social inclusion, sustainability.

In general, schools that involve many students and reach out to many people in activities  related to chess as a tool for education have a good chance of receiving an award. As a  counter example, a school that hires a single trainer to coach a handful of children who  may win some trophies is unlikely to qualify.

1.3.    Benefits

1.3.1.     The FIDE Chess School certificate and logo can be displayed in school, used in school  publications, and promoted on the school website.

1.3.2.     A database of FIDE Chess Schools will be available on the FIDE EDU website. National  Chess Federations will be notified about all FIDE Chess Schools in their country.

1.3.3.     As they become available, additional incentives for schools participating in the FIDE  Chess School Award will be provided. 

1.4.    Diversity

Applications will be accepted in English, Spanish, and Russian. Other languages will be  added as reviewers in that language become available.

1.5.    Call for Applications

There are two application cycles every year: 

1) January 1-March 31, award month: June.

2) July1 - September 30, award month: December.

1.6.    Award Renewal and Level Advancement

The FIDE School Award is valid for three (3) calendar years upon approval. The renewal  process will require an online submission of renewal documentation of activities and a  payment of €50 for the three-year renewal. 

1.7.    Level Advancement Application

Schools may reapply for an advanced level of certification. Twelve months or more  following the date of receipt of the original award it is possible to re-apply for a higher  award using the same application form with updates and paying the application fee of  €150.

1.8.    Costs

1.8.1.     Application fee for the award is €150.

1.8.2.     Renewal fee is €50.

1.8.3.     Level Advancement fee is €150.

1.8.4.     A percentage of the fees will be paid to the reviewer and to FIDE. 

1.9.    Administration

The Award Program will be administered by FIDE EDU or individuals appointed by the  EDU Commission.